Frequently Asked Questions

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How often are the rates updated?

The rates are updated every 60 seconds. They reflect any changes occurring in markets worldwide, whenever they occur. During the weekends, the rates are typically stable as the major markets are closed and there is very little trading to be reported.

Prior to August 2nd 2012 our rates were updated at most once per day, dependent upon their availability from the rights free sources that we used. If no rates were available, non were published for that day.

What is the source of the data on this site?

As of August 2nd 2012 we have implemented a commercial grade rate feed, which blends rates from a large array of independent sources. This allows us to provide much more timely and accurate rates in our services.

Please read our disclaimer about reliability and availability of the rates on this site.

When are your historical rates updated?

Since implementing our live rate feed, historical rates are now provided as of noon (12pm) Eastern each day. If you select the current day in the historical lookup, you will receive the current rate.

Your historical rates are different since August 2nd 2012. Why?

During our site update and move towards commercial grade rate data, we also updated all of our stored historical information as the accuracy and consistency of the data is significantly better. This did however result in some different values being shown if you reviewed the rates prior to August 2nd 2012.

Please note that this was a one time change only, due to the upgrade in available data.

Are these buy or sell rates?

Actually, they’re neither. We provide the middle point between both – effectively the wholesale rate that large financial institutions are trading at. You won’t be able to buy at this rate, but it will let you know what the current market value is. The closer you get to this rate in a transaction, the better.

Why are exchange rates from other sources different?

Exchange rates vary from source to source, for commercial reasons. Banks, credit card companies and other providers of exchange rates information will likely differ from the rates on this site.

Why is my country not represented on this site?

Unfortunately we can only provide rate information for the currencies we currently have available. If we’re able to include a different country we will do so as soon as it’s available to us. In the meantime, please understand that we are not deliberately omitting any specific countries from the list.

Why are the Excel spreadsheets and data used for graphs no longer available?

Since acquiring our new rate source, we are unfortunately no longer allowed to publish the raw currency rate data in Excel or other easily machine readable formats. Please do not attempt to automate the process of rate data collection or harvesting from our site.

Do you have a mobile website?

We have made the site more mobile friendly by making it more lightweight (using less data) and more responsive.

We’re currently looking into providing the ability to switch between the mobile site and the full site more easily in the near future.

How can I complain/make a suggestion/thank you?

Please use our feedback page.